24/7 Access: Get Yours!

Get the details on using the gym after hours from our manager, Jessie!

Make sure you can get in!

If you want to be sure to be able to use 24/7 access, please check in with the front desk before 6/28 – the transition from softwares has been less than smooth and Jessie and the team are working it through – but we can’t guaranteee your scan-card will work if you don’t.

Because we’re going all-hours member access, our new visitor hours will be between 11-9 every day!


Download the app and make sure your account info is up to date!

View the refresher on rules and expectations – your new member contract will reflect these!

By continuing to use the gym, you agree to the contract’s terms. Terms are listed below.

24/7 membership contract terms:

I realize that the Pad/Origin is a club facility that exists for its membership and will do my best to abide by the rules and regulations as well as police my fellow patrons to the best of my ability. Further, I recognize that The Pad Climbing is a safe space for its patrons and I will conduct myself both in and out of its facility according to these principals.
1. I authorize The Pad Climbing to debit my account for a minimum of three (3) months.
2. After three (3) months paid membership, I understand that I remain a member of The Pad/Origin Climbing until I submit a membership cancellation via one of two methods:
■ email us with cancellation request within five business days of effective date to avoid the next month’s billing
■ early cancellation will result in a cancellation fee consisting of the remainder of month left to satisfy the three (3) month rule.
■ Deferrals of membership are available at no charge for more than two months of absence.
3. I realize an additional $10 fee will be assessed for all non-collected monthly dues between the 2nd and 7th of each month. This includes, but is not limited to, insufficient funds, closed accounts, or changes to my account. It is my responsibility to keep my account information current.
4. I understand it is my responsibility to notify The Pad/Origin Climbing of any account problems within 30 day of occurrence for proper adjustment. Adjustments will not exceed ninety (90) days.

I will do my best to abide by the rules and regulations as well as police my fellow patrons to the best of my ability.
I also understand that in opting in to this contact, I agree to engage in a facility and policy orientation the covers the following areas, and I will NOT use the facility unless I can affirm knowledge and mastery of the below terms and conditions:
– I am able to honestly assess Climbing Experience
– I will disclose my fitness to participate: any limiting conditions that we need to know about? Consult a physician if unsure.
– Waiver agreement reviewed and signed
– Facility rules reviewed
– Posted warnings and locations
– Bouldering qualification overview
– Correct use of equipment

I know how to use and recognize appropriate equipment in good repair, follow manufacturer’s guidelines for use, care, inspection, and retirement and get qualified instruction for a new or unfamiliar environment
– I understand that minors under 14 may not climb without supervision.

Facility Rules and Procedures

I know how to navigate:

– The safe for notes and other things
– Accident Report Forms
– Music system
– Rental shoes
– 24/7 access
– I will not allow in non members during unstaffed hours
– I understand the check in procedure
– I understand the closing out procedure (lights and roll up door)
– I understand what crew are for (rules, and facilitating safety and enjoyment of the facility)
– No dogs
– No intoxicants
– Drive slowly
– Respect neighbors

Rope Orientation

I have undergone Auto Belay Qualification – Climber understands or demonstrates:
– Inherent risks of Auto Belays: not clipping in; mechanical failure; user error, etc.‎
– Proper use and functioning of the Auto Belay: weight limitations for device; for use by one person; avoid other climbers; avoid pendulum falls; avoid entanglement; do not redirect lifeline; never climb into slack; report unusual functioning. ‎
– Harness fitting and securing‎
– Auto Belay attachment to harness: correct location; gate orientation; locked. ‎
– Double checks attachment to harness‎
– Tests retraction of Lifeline before climbing‎
– Climbs on route: climbs in line with device; never climbs above device; does not use hangers, quickdraws or carabiners as holds.‎
– Checks Landing Zone for obstructions or people before lowering‎
– Lowers correctly‎
– Re-attaches Lifeline to wall‎

I have undergone bouldering orientation:

Inherent risks of bouldering
Holds can spin or break;
All falls are ground falls;
You will fall bouldering;
Falls may result in injury;
Injuries can be severe, etc.
Grading scale;
Awareness of Surroundings
Clear Landing area;
Location of other climbers
– Purpose and limitations of padded flooring
No guarantee of safety;
Mitigation measure only;
Positioning and risks of supplemental pads
Spotting Review
Spotting required;
No guarantee of safety;
Purpose of spotting;
Spotting technique;
Position of spotter;
When to spot;
Hazards to spotters;
Limitations of spotting;
Spotting demonstration
Falling technique

Orientation Checklist

As a climber, I understand that I require orientation and/or training before participating in climbing activities in this facility. I understand the facility may require me to pass an assessment or assessments prior to allowing me to participate in certain activities. I understand that if I need any additional assistance, orientation, instruction, training or assessment during my instruction, training or assessment from the climbing gym staff prior to participating in any activity for which I am not trained or qualified. My signature indicates that I understand the information above and that the climbing gym staff has presented this information to me.

24/7 Access: Get Yours!
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