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In early 2013, Andy Raether and his partner at the time were working with some developers to open a new climbing gym in Las Vegas- the current gyms in town were each over 20 years old and they felt that the time was right to open a new, modern facility for a growing community. After a few months, it became apparent that the developer wasn’t really interested in building a climbing gym, and the project started to fade. It was around that time they met John Wilder, who had also been mulling over starting a new gym in town to fill the need for a larger, more community oriented environment for the city’s climbers. The three of them decided that teaming up would be ideal- since they each had experience in areas the others didn’t and shared a similar vision for the new gym.


As they worked together on the vision for the gym, they realized that what they wanted most was a space where people would feel welcome, no matter what their skill level. This was something they felt was lacking at the gyms in the area at the time, and it was extremely important to them that the gym would be centered around this idea. During the design phase, the entire space was designed with this in mind- from the color scheme, to the wall angles and locations, and the hold selections- everything was thought out to be as welcoming as possible. It was also during this time that the name- Origin- was decided on. Origin was chosen because it was a place of beginnings and a new start for the climbing gym community in Las Vegas and for the community’s journey in climbing. 
After spending nearly a year and a half looking for land or an appropriate space for the new gym, in the summer of 2014, they finally found what would become Origin’s new home. They secured funding, the lease, got city approval, and put deposits on the walls, and in January 2015, construction began on what would become Nevada’s largest climbing gym and the nation’s largest bouldering gym at the time. In May 2015, Origin opened for business with Andy serving as Head Setter and Facility Director and John serving as General Manager and part of the route setting team. 


Over the years, Origin’s community grew steadily, and in a few years, it was evident that the vision had become reality- Origin had become a community of amazing people from all over the Las Vegas area and Andy and John were thrilled with what it had become. In late 2018, John was chatting with his good friend Kristin Horowitz about gym operations and best practices and they both remarked on how similar their gyms and paths were. Several months and many conversations later, an idea was born and Kristin and John got to work making it become a reality. In November 2019, Origin Climbing and Fitness officially joined the Pad Family of climbing gyms and now we get to continue on this amazing journey as an even bigger family!

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