Here at Origin, we offer many classes to further your skills as a climber and as a person. 

We aren’t just a rock climbing gym with a yoga studio. We aim to be the best studio around.

“Originally it was a convenient way to get a stretch on after a climb and wind down a bit. Then yoga grew on me and I started to challenge myself more and more. I just noticed that my body was feeling great all of the time and that a some of the pains I associated with and assumed were inevitable as I got older were easily avoidable though a regular practice of yoga.” -Member testimonial

Benefits of our Yoga classes:

  • Increased flexibility, as well as nuanced deep body strengthening for greater stability.
  • Improved wrist, shoulder, ankle, and hip vitality (flexibility, strength, and the ability to change positions smoothly), as well as front and back core strength are a few physical benefits that will cross over to your climbing and other pursuits.
  • Resilience! A body that practices yoga is constantly balancing itself and rarely overusing any one muscle, tendon, or bursa. Repetitive use of anything leads to injury – and unintentional repetitive use leads to injury even more quickly!
  • Gain various breathing techniques you can immediately apply while on the wall. They can serve to keep your mind clear as you challenge your climbing skills.
  • Increased dexterity of the mind. This will allow you to read complex situations on the wall and respond in a simple, non-reactive manner. ie.become safer and braver simultaneously!
  • Deep mental focus training offers an incredible clarity that comes with a regular practice.
  • Strong the sense of community that continues from the gym and carries forward onto the mat.
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