• All classes require pre-registration on MINDBODY (click the link above to get going.
  • FREE for members, $12 drop in – we only accept payment through the app

We have a new schedule for August. Many of the class times and styles will be different than what was originally offered online, so please pay close attention!

Please use these links until Monday, when you can find the schedule here and on the app:

Each class is  available to you for 24 hours, so if you can’t make it live, you will still have a chance to practice with us. 

Our schedule has a wonderful mix of active and restful options, so we hope you will be able to build some balanced regularity into your At Home schedule that serves, challenges, and nourishes you. 

Sculpt – Strength training and yoga combine for a fun, deeply satisfying workout. Light free weights and fast faced sequences help to increase muscle strength and improve cardiovascular health. Intermediate, some previous experience recommended.

Vinyasa – An upbeat, energizing yoga flow that encourages mindful breathing, strength building, and deep stretching. All levels.

Gentle Yoga –  This class moves slowly and gently, allowing the body to relax into every posture. All levels.

Gentle / Nidra – Gentle yoga with deep relaxation and meditation

Restorative – Like gentle, but with an emphasis on restoration and detoxification.

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