SLO Pad to host bouldering comp on 4/4

Who: YOU – you can be a total novice and have a great time or a total pro and – same! We guarantee it will be the best day of gym climbing you have – the psych is high and so is the motivation.

What: A bouldering competition!

Where: SLO’s Pad

When: Saturday, April 4, 2020, starting at 10 am.

How: Register by scrolling all the way down!

Why compete? For most people, climbing is not inherently a competitive thing. While there is a format that allows us to quantify skill, the real value in climbing comps is the level of support you get from your peers, the extra “push” you get in trying to do your best that day on all-new routes you’ve never climbed before, and the big ol’ party that celebrates what you love!

We will be having a finals AND special children’s division.

Our comps feature:

  • entry that covers guest setters and refreshments for the setters who work three solid days to get ready for this thing
  • new shirt designs
  • prizes like chalkbags, ropes, shoes, and backpacks
  • free beer
  • food available from neighboring vendors
  • dj or emcee keeping the energy up the whole time
  • And don’t forget the extras, like our famous ALPINE KNOT TYING CONTEST!

The competition starts at 10am and ends at 2pm, giving competitors 4 hours to complete their top five climbs and turn in their scorecard. After the results are announced, the top three women as well as top three men of the overall competition will compete in an onsight finals round starting at 3pm.

If you’re not from here, we suggest you check out all the awesome stuff there is to do in SLO: we’ve got beaches, wine tasting, great food and bars, and climbing *in town!*

For more info, including rules: CLICK HERE.

If you haven’t been to any of our facilities before, you need to fill out a waiver: https://www.waiverking.com/print/12805


Brief Rules:

  • Red Point Format: 10am – 2pm
  • Finals round: 3pm – 4pm
  • Choose the correct category:
    • Female, Male, Youth
    • Beginner V0-V2, Intermediate V2-V4, Advanced V4-V6, and Open V7+.
  • Starting holds are marked with tags numbered from 1-50.
  • The numbers correlate to difficulty and point value, 1 being the easiest & worth the least & 50 being the hardest as well as worth the most points.
  • Competitors only earn points for climbs that are completed and have two signatures of peers who witnessed the entire ascent.
  • Competitor’s top 5 routes are used in totaling their score.
  • All falls must be marked down next to the climb that was attempted, but will only be used to determine ties.
  • All grey volumes are a part of the wall and may be used by any and all climbs.
  • Anything marked by red or black tape is not allowed to be used.

SLO Pad to host bouldering comp on 4/4

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