We aren’t just a gym, we’re a team.

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Jessie Mitchell – GM

Jessie is on loan from Ascent Ventures, but she started as event coordinator at Origin Climbing. She can literally do ANYTHING, which is why it’s her gig to help everyone at Origin also do ALL THE THINGS. It’s pretty evident when you walk inside that she’s good at it.

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Andy Raether – Head Setter

Andy, one of the co-founders of Origin, is a leading pioneer of the climbing community. His experience in establishing outdoor climbs of all grades sets him up for great success in setting all the amazing routes our gym has to offer.

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Sam Meyer – Volunteer Coordinator/Assistant GM

Sam “The Face of Origin” Meyer will always greet you from behind the desk with a smile and sincerity.

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Remi King – Sales Coordinator/ABC Head Coach/Crew

Remi “The Girl that Does it All” King wears many hats here at Origin. She’s in charge of all things retail, from designing the amazing and trendy t-shirts to fueling the community’s addiction to cookies. Additionally, she leads the development of our kiddo climbing teams by teaching them all they need to know in our ABC course.

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Zach Rodreick – Instruction Coordinator/Coach/Crew

Zach is

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Alex Oisboid – Head Coach

Alex is the most caring and friendly person you’ll meet. She will never hesitate to create a memory with anyone. Her passion for developing her kids’ talent is truly one of a kind.

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