Wash your hands! What we’re doing in response to the spread of Coronavirus

Edit 3/17:

Information provided by one of our local public health advisors.

The SLO gym will go to unstaffed, member only hours starting tomorrow, 3/18 – we are doing this to support our front desk staff’s desire to self isolate. A skeleton crew has opted to clean per our protocols ever few hours, so our policies are still in place.

Origin and The Pad Santa Maria remain open as we continually reasses operations from a public health- and staff-lead approach.

What is changing:

  • Yoga is moving to two classes a day: 12 pm and 6 pm and limited to 10 people max. Bring your own props.
  • Ropes will be locked on both floors
  • Lounge will be locked
  • Yoga rooms will be locked when not in use
  • Instruction, and volunteer efforts are also put on hold.

We will be giving staff projects to work on remotely in order to keep them paid.

Some of these projects will include:

  1. Instruction/classes
    1. Staff can make tips and tricks videos for promotion
    2. Institute contests: hangboard, door frame, table climb, etc etc for people to try and then post for fun or something
  2. Coaching
    1. Coaches work on improving the documentation of their programs and execution, including processes for communicating with parents
    2. Sending out weekly plans for kids to stay in shape and progress during outage
  3. Front desk crew
    1. GM will deputize staff to assist in issues
      1. Improve training programming (improve the packets, develop training materials)
      2. Community resources –  pages with links?
      3. Administration projects
      4. Website migration
      5. Process documentation and improvements
      6. Planning grand reopening party

We are committed to our staff above all else. They work to build the community we love. We are going to provide them with hours as much as we can.

You can support us, and them, through this time by not canceling your memberships. Know that your contribution keeps food on the table and a roof over the head of the people you see in the gym day after day. If memberships dwindle to the point we are unable to sustain them, we’ll need to lay people off. Please help us avoid that.

Edit: 3/16:
We are absolutely aware that other gyms are opting to shut down prior to mandate. We are under financial advisement to not do it unless state or local jurisdiction requires it. Resources may not be available to keep us afloat unless a government agency signs off.

That said: our local advisers will trump this. If they advise it prior to the required shut down, we will remain open and awesome.

Edit: 3/15

  • We are following recommended protocols on cleaning, suspending our green initiatives in favor of KILL IT WITH BLEACH – including removing unnecessary and hard-to-sanitize items from the yoga studios
  • Should we close, we will be working to provide some really cool things to keep ya’ll busy at home, so stay tuned. Supporting us supports the staff, and we’ll keep ’em busy!

Edited 3/14 – we will continue to update this post to give you info as you need it.

We here at the Pad are absolutely a community. The messaging has been consistent since the outbreak of COVID-19 – it is spread through community.

We did not want to respond in haste — diminishing that it was just a flu, get over it! or adding to the panic that means everywhere is out of toilet paper, water, and hand sanitizer.

We also recognize that this is a trying time and with schools closing, companies sending employees home, and social media and the news going FULL CORONAVIRUS, people need a happy place to be. We always recommend going outside for that, but it’s not always an option. That’s why we’re here and why we’ve been successful. We realize that kids need as much stability as possible. We recognize people need to go somewhere to see people they love. We recognize that people use our gym for PTSD, depression, anxiety . . . in short, there’s a balance between telling you to go home for all our good and telling you to come in for your own good.

We are watching the news, reading the articles, and in communication with local public health officials and doctors and nurses on the front lines. We are specifically looking to them for guidance – when they ask us to cease operations or change a policy, we will.

Don’t panic. The point is to slow it down so that we can take care of our sickest. That is ALL.

Practice good hygiene

Lots of people have asked us if we’re disinfecting the gym. We’re sorry, but that’s not a thing. The gym, by design, is full of porous surfaces and a community gathering space. It is not, by definition, the most hygienic place to hang out, so it’s up to people to make it safe.

Here’s what you can do every day to protect yourself and your loved ones:

  • Wash your hands when you get here: we’ll be posting stickers in the bathroom mirrors soon with instructions for thorough handwashing (plus a sweet mantra from Dune that will get you through fear on the wall as a bonus)
  • Wash your hands when you’re done!
  • Keep your distance from strangers, and fist bump, head wobble, elbow tap, or deep bow your friends (we’re putting posters up about that as a reminder, too) – 3 feet is generally safe for non-cough/sneeze distance; 6 feet is generally safe for sneeze/cough projection
  • Cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough with your elbow, not your hand

Hand washing is more effective than our efforts to disinfect & more effective than hand sanitizer on ALL viruses, including COVID19

Stay home if you’re sick!

We encourage our staff to stay home, and you should, too – don’t be the outbreak monkey!

  • COVID’s current symptoms are: cough + shortness of breath + fever. Don’t even go to the ER! Call in. It incubates for 2-14 days so stay home, read, Facebook, play video games, or, better yet, crimp your doorways.
  • If you experience any of these other things: green snot, uncontrollable coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, or fever – stay away for 24 hours after the last symptom. Nobody wants your crud! And you love us all too much to give it to us, right?
  • Basically – don’t come to the gym until 48 hours after your symptoms are gone. Don’t. We’re not legally allowed to ask you to leave if we think you’re sick – because many people have chronic illnesses. Community before self, okay?

And us? If you haven’t noticed, it’s not totally on us – it’s on you and us as individuals!

We’ll continue to monitor the situation. The Pad is your home, and we want it to both be safe for you as well as a place you can go when it’s crazy out there (I heard Costco sold out of TP at 7 am today . . . ).

We may be a little slower with communication than the 24 hour news cycles – again . . . we want to get this right.

We are taking our staff’s lead on this – when they get uncomfortable with protocols in place to keep the gym operational, we will adapt this list:

  • All staff model washing hand on arrival, after climbing, and upon leaving
  • Staff will be enforcing social distancing and reminding members to wash their hands.
  • A very through, hourly cleaning schedule of highly touched things like iPads, vending machine, lounge surfaces, door handles, bathroom fixtures.
  • We will not be renting chalk bags until we are through the worst of this
  • All staff go home if sick. We do have paid sick leave.
  • Postponing all events and large groups in the gym
  • Suspending touch-intensive classes such as Acro-Yoga
Wash your hands! What we’re doing in response to the spread of Coronavirus

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